July 25th, 2024 MUSIC BINGO: Christmas Songs

$10.00 in Green BINGO sheets winner

(Claim your prize on DB night, or text your name and mailing address to:

Your prize will be mailed out to you.)

Week of 6-24-24

Randall Ray

Week of 7-1-24

Heather Sheahan

Week of 7-8-24

Stephen Wise

Week of 7-15-24

Christie Harper


(You have three (3) Thursdays from winning date to claim your night. Not valid on Theme Nights)

Week of 6-24-24

Louie Colon

Week of 7-1-24

Michele Crawford

Week of 7-8-24

None (no DB last Thursday)

Week of 7-15-24

Kay Lindsey

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July 25th, 2024 Doug Gazlay Original Art
Red-Ticket game bonus prize

Watercolor and Gouache painting, framed.

by Doug Gazlay